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A multiple range of possibilities always

              with a professional quality cutting.

                                                                           With one cut through thick and thin
                                                                           The cutting depth of 55 mm and the power
                                                                           of 1300 Watts are ideal for jobs involving
                                                                           larger workpieces. They also enable you to
                                                                           saw thick workpieces with one cut. No more
                                                                           time-consuming work from two sides. This
                                                                           minimises reworking and saves you having
                                                                           to go to the trouble of turning the workpiece.

                                                                           A principle of flexibility
                                                                           Where machines reach their limits is where
                                                                           it really comes into its own. The unbeatable
                                                                           plunge-cutting principle and the appropriate
                                                                           saw blade also enable you to easily master
                                                                           trimming work in virtually all materials up to
                                                                           55 mm thick (eg sandwich boards or cable

                MAIN FEATURES:

                 Clean precise cuts thanks to guide rail usage.         Soft start as the load and torque of the motor
                 Comfortable cleaner conditions thanks                  are temporarily reduced during start-up.
                  to dust extractor.                                    Longer lifetime thanks to the overload protection.


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              Rated power                               1300 W
              No-load speed                         2000-5000 min -1
              Max.ø of circular saw blade              165 mm
              Min./ Max. bore ø of circular saw blade   20 mm              Delivery set:
              Max.thickness of circular saw blade       2,4 mm             - x1 Plunge circular saw
              Max.cutting depth by 90°                  55 mm              - x1 Owner’s manual
              Max.cutting depth by 45°                  38 mm              - x1 Circular saw blade
              Weight                                    4,7 kg             - x1 Allen key
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