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Double bearing
                                  The double bearing of the motor
                                  improves the running smoothness
                                  and extends the service life.

                                                                                     Angular adjustment
                                                                                     For quick and easy bevel cutting.
                                                                                     It gives a precise and angle-accurate sawing
                                                                                     for all required cuts.

                                                                                     Electronically controlled
                                                                                     Through the selector you can adapt the speed
                                                                                     depending on the material. The speed remains
                                                                                     constant even during plunge-cutting.

                          Zero-play guidance
                          The guidance jaws on the guide rail can
                          be set using just two fingers. This allows
                          for zero-play guidance of the machine,                     Cutting depth adjustment
                          which in turn increases the cutting quality.               Referring to material thickness, the best
                                                                                     cutting edge quality is achieved when the
                                                                                     projected part of saw blade does not exceed
                                                                                     tooth height.
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