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1/4″ hexagonal tool holder                             Turnable handle
                Suitable for accessories provided                      Pressing the button is possible
                with 1/4″ hex shank, it enables                        to rotate the handle by 90° in order
                quick accessories changes.                             to work on hard-to-reach areas.

                                                                                                       Work light
                                                                                             The tool is equipped
                                                                                                with a convenient
                     Variable torque                                                         LED work light which
            Torque regulator enables                                                             enable to lighten
               adjustment of contact                                                               the work area.
           pressure and torque force.
            The sleeve allows also to
              select the drilling mode.

                                                                                                    Reverse function
                                                                                                   The reverse button
                                                                                                 allows to change the
                                   LED charge indicator                                           rotational direction.
                          The LED indicators informs the
                      user about the battery charge level.

                                           CT22024 MC

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                                                                    TURNABLE HANDLE           LED CHARGE INDICATOR

           Rated voltage                      3,6 V
           Battery capacity                   1,5 Ah
           Battery charging time              3-5 h
           No-load speed                     200 minˉ¹
           Turndown of rotation torque        3,5 Nm
           Weight                             0,45 kg
                                                                    LED WORK LIGHT            VARIABLE TORQUE
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