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Variable speed
                                            Allows to select optimal speed for
                                            specific materials.

               Lock-off function
               Fix OFF position of on/off
               switch to prevent an
               accidental switching on            Quick adjustable protective casing:
               of the power tool.                 It allows to change the position of
                                                  the protective casing without using
                                                  any tool.

                                     CROWN angle grinders provide easy access to the
                                     carbon brushes through a removable cover which
                                     is conveniently located on the side of the power tool.

                                     The carbon brush cover can be removed with the help
                                     of a screwdriver and allows to easily inspect the brush
                Easy ChangE          box for checking carbon brushes wear condition and
                                     if necessary replace them.

                                                             CT13506-125V                        CT13507-150

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              Rated power                                        1200 W                             1500 W
              Rated speed                                     0-11000 minˉ¹                        9500 minˉ¹
              Amperage at voltage 220-230 V                       5.4 A                               7 A
              Spindle thread                                      M14                                 M14
              Variable speed function                              •                                   -
              Max. Ø of cutting disc                            125 mm                              150 mm
              Max. Ø of grinding disc                           125 mm                              150 mm
              Max. Ø of rubber sanding plate                    125 mm                              150 mm
              Max. Ø of circular wire brush                      75 mm                               75 mm
              Max. Ø of ccup wire brush                          75 mm                               75 mm
              Weight                                             2,42 kg                             3,48 kg
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